Begging the Question
People are curious because it is in our nature to be curious

Ad Hominem
How would you know anything about the world. You’re just a kid

There is a hidden villiage in the mountian. I know the location of the villiage, so it is not hidden

Slippery Slope
Mom: *comes into room* do all your homework?
Me: nope
Mom: you know, you procrastinate, you fail your classes
Me: I know
Mom: then you won’t graduate
Me: I know
Mom: then you won’t get a good job
Me: I know
Mom: then stop the procrastination *leaves room*
Me: i will, once this video is done *never finishes homework that night*

Straw Man
I tell my sister that I do not like cooked or raw onions, only the flavor or batter covered, and she says that I am an onion hater

Tu Quoque
I told my friend to wear pants to work as I come in wearing shorts

there is a higher percent chance of dying in a car accident than an accident on a roller coaster

False Dichotomy
My mama used to ask me if I was a good brat or a bad brat

Argument from ignorance
I heard voices in my head. Aliens are starting to invade!

Red Herring
Mom: *talks about school*
Me: hey Mom? where’s my dog?

my choices

Four Terms
All feathers are light. All Lights are bright. So, all featers are bright

My cat is purring and rubbing against my leg. So, I know that he loves me


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