What is the difference between “beds in the world” and “the idea of a bed?”

“Beds in the world” is the physical form of a bed that someone had the idea of.

“The idea of a bed” is as it says; it is an idea that someone had came up with. A bed changes shape, or style, in each person’s perspective of what a bed is.

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Where does “art” fit into his hierarchical scheme of reality?

“Art” fits into Plato’s hierarchical scheme of reality of how deceptive it can be to some people, depending what they see in the art.  A painting of a tree, all black and charred, the ground burnt with some whiff of smoke in the background, one person would see that as death, as another would see that as a sign of new life on the way.

Plato criticizes art for being “deceptive.” How does art deceive us, according to Plato?

Plato claims that art deceives us.  According to Plato, art deceives us by not showing it’s true nature the first time, or keep changing.  I remember something about a man panting a picture of a horse’s bit, and that he does not know what it looks like because he is not a horsemaster who actually knows what a bit feels and looks like

Do you agree with this criticism?

I think, to see art, it depends on the person, and of how they have experienced their life.

For example, the ever so famous Bunny/Duck image:

Image result for optical illusions

I can see both images.  I had once, and still am, falling victim to optical illusions.  It just depends on what the person wants to see




2 thoughts on “Plato, The Republic: Book X

  1. I like the ideas and concepts that are being developed in this post, but I feel like they can be so much more elaborated on. Furthermore I think that adding in your own life experiences would further enhance the writing and make your ideas more meaningful and thoughtful


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