How does eXistenZ, the film, fit into Plato’s hierarchical scheme of reality? How does the game, tranCendenZ fit?

From my understand of Plato, is that he thinks that looking at a painting, or playing a fantasy game that has no way of happening, or watching a movie, even if it is based on a true story, can be deceptive.  To be honest, I do think that this is true, because a person cannot really know what the production is about, other than the artist who had created it.  Plus, with all the time we spend looking, watching or playing, we lose track of time, which can be, or is, a bad thing in your reality.

This also connects to “The Allegory of the Cave”, by how Allegra in eXistenZ reacts to coming out of her game, saying that it is better and safer in there, rather than her idea of the real world. That is how the prisoners in the Cave felt. When one of them was let go, he went out and experienced what the shadows were and tried to share that experience to the others. But he was rejected and ridiculed about it.

The movie eXistenZ fits into Plato’s hierarchical scheme of reality because of how “disconnected [a person can get from their] body” and  the game was the “most effective [deformity] of reality”, as Ted said, the longer you are not thinking about the actual reality.  The game within the movie ,tranCendenz, fit in with Plato’s claim as well because of the same reasons, even if it was a short amount of time.  The people that were in tranCendenZ were also in eXistenZ, and basically “saw” Allegra kill someone in the “real world” of tranCendenZ, which caused one of the original players in the supposedly reality out of tranCendenZ ask “are we still in the game?”.  Plus, the people in the building were acting very similar to those in the Chinese restaurant of eXistenZ, which is making me think that there is another game that is programmed to be tranCendenZ.


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