Do you agree with Leonard’s statement that we all need mirrors to remind us who we are?

I do agree with Leonard’s statement that we need mirrors to remind us of who we are.  Without them, we have nothing to turn to when we need to remember something important.  The ability to not being able to create new memories and keep them for as long as you would like to is just horrible.

In the movie Leonard’s mirrors were his notes, the photographs, and tattoos. What has he become by relying upon them?

From his mirrors, Leonard has become this deranged man, out for blood revenge for his late wife, who he had no memory of being alive after his head got smashed into the bathroom mirror.  He had created this backstory for this Sammy guy, that has had the same problem Leonard has; not being able to keep his memories for more that a few minutes, not remember the conversation he had before, and when he gave his wife her medicine.  By being deceived by the undercover cop and the barmaid numerous times, Leonard created this world, or illusion, that the barmaid actually needs help and wants to help in return, and that the undercover cop is this “John G.” guy that killed his wife, although this cop already helped him capture the original John G.

What would you become without your own mirrors?

I believe I would become something else that I am not without my mirrors, even if they come out to not be true.  I would not have became this crocheting, animal loving girl if not for my mirrors.  I do not know what would become of me without these specific mirrors, but I do not think it would be good.


4 thoughts on “Memento

  1. Don’t we have any control over who we become? Even with Leonard’s lack of memory, he has created who he is by inventing a past that justifies his future. In the end of the movie he makes a conscious decision, albeit misguided, to erase John G. from his memory so that he can continue his search. I think we are the same in that we justify our actions based on our mirrors to create who we are.


    1. To be honest, I had a small melt down after reading this. And I really do not have a come-back for it either.
      Though, I do agree that we do have the control to become whoever we want, there is no denying that. I know that Leonard created this backstory for himself to continue his research, but it still does not justify that he kills every John G. he crosses to get back for his wife, even after the cop helped Leonard capture the real one.
      I probably have to watch the movie again to understand better.

      and sorry if this did not make any sence

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  2. It doesn’t justify it at all but it is still giving him a purpose in life. It seems like we all are just searching for a purpose and a justification for that purpose. Welcome to Intro to Philosophy!

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