Causal Determinism

What is causal determinism? 

People sometimes confuse determinism and fatalism, like I had, but they are two different things.  Determinism is events happening due to prior events, like getting a good score on the test, I get to choose somewhere to go for dinner  The same for procrastinating, I get stuck at home doing school work instead of going out and having fun. Fatalism is the outcome that happens no matter the prior event, like  Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark is a perfect example of fatalism; Without Jones’ interventions, the Nazi would have gotten the Medallion from Mirian without struggle, Belloch deciphers the gold, and would have taken the Ark to the deserted Island and died anyways.  With or without Jones, the Nazi would have died in the end. (idea from Amy Farrah Fowler in Big Bang Theory )

Would you feel any differently about your life in general—and your actions, thoughts, and feelings, in particular—if determinism were true?

If determinism were true, I don’t think I would feel any different about my life in general, as though if it were not existing.  I do not know how to explain my thoughts about determinism, really.  Life happens the way it does, there is no changing it.  Decisions, good and/or bad can lead to another good or bad decision.  It is how cause and effect works.

Why or why not?

I would not feel any different if determinism were to be real because as I had said before, life happens, the good and the bad. You can change the outcome, like actually study for the test instead of watching a crochet tutorial of how to make a plushie.  It is all based on the prior actions you have made, is what determines the outcome that will happen later in life.


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