All sticks are glass
Titanium is a stick
So titanium is glass

If titanium is malleable and brittle, then it is metal
Titanium is a metal
So, titanium is a malleable and brittle

If a puppy is happy, then it wags its tail
The puppy’s tail is wagging
Therefore, the puppy is happy

Every neighbor next door I have had has been an addict since I moved here.
Therefore, the next neighbor would probably an addict too.






  1. I liked how you summarize the example from Clifford’s essay. And the argument was well written and structured. But I think it would be even better if you wrote a response to the argument. Maybe you can state your opinions about his arguments, as to whether you agree or disagree with Clifford.

    1. Thank you~! To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I was having a bad night, so I wanted it over and done with. I have yet to go back and edit it. But thank you for the advice~!



  1. That’s brilliant how you included the Cave reference to eXistenZ like that. I would have never though of it like that. And what do you mean by “Plato would refer to tranCendeZ as being twice removed from the truth”? I may be a bit stupid at the moment, but can you elaborate on that?

    1. I mean, that like how in the caves, the people are looking at shadows of actual objects and seeing them as real, and that the objects those shadows are coming from are also just shadows of the “true world” (the world of ideas) that traCendeZ is a shadow of physical reality which is a shadow of what is actually real, thus “twice removed from truth” in the hierachy

      In the same way, existenz is three times removed from the truth, being a shadow of a shadow of a shadow, so to speak.


eXistenZ – traCendenZ

  1. I like how you put our senses to play with this, because it is true. I don’t know if you experienced it yourself or you have, but I definitely had; I was reading my book when all of a sudden I started to smell meat when my mom was in the kitchen. I though she was making something, but Mum said that she didn’t even had the stove on. My nose was playing tricks on me when I was reading a part of the book where meat was being cooked. So yes, “our senses sometimes are not able to recognized reality”, as you said. I think you are the only one to put the five senses into your blog, that I know of, which is brilliant.



I like the ideas and concepts that are being developed in this post, but I feel like they can be so much more elaborated on. Furthermore I think that adding in your own life experiences would further enhance the writing and make your ideas more meaningful and thoughtful



Hume- Of Personal Identity

Hume is pretty insistent about memory being mostly perceptions, and that it’s really unreliable because of that. I think the sleep thing relates to his inability to have perceptions of self when he is sleeping, and so if he can’t form a perception of himself then he does not exist? Or at least that’s what I took from that bit. I like your choice of quote since it ties back into self being a perception, and a perception in this respect is basically an illusion.

  1. ooohhhh, that makes sense, that sleep prevents a person to have the ability to have a perception of anything, compared to being awake, if that is what you are trying to get across. and thank you for liking my found quote. it just popped out for me, so i had a feeling that i must include it in my blog.
    and also, sorry for not making sense, my brain is going hay-wired




Don’t we have any control over who we become? Even with Leonard’s lack of memory, he has created who he is by inventing a past that justifies his future. In the end of the movie he makes a conscious decision, albeit misguided, to erase John G. from his memory so that he can continue his search. I think we are the same in that we justify our actions based on our mirrors to create who we are.

  1. To be honest, I had a small melt down after reading this. And I really do not have a come-back for it either.
    Though, I do agree that we do have the control to become whoever we want, there is no denying that. I know that Leonard created this backstory for himself to continue his research, but it still does not justify that he kills every John G. he crosses to get back for his wife, even after the cop helped Leonard capture the real one.
    I probably have to watch the movie again to understand better.

    and sorry if this did not make any sense


  1. It doesn’t justify it at all but it is still giving him a purpose in life. It seems like we all are just searching for a purpose and a justification for that purpose. Welcome to Intro to Philosophy!



1. Deductive Argument– the premises contains evidence so strong, it is impossible for the conclusion to be false

1. Inductive Argument– the premises contains evidence so strong, it is unlikely for the conclusion to be false

Sound Argument– Conclusion is true if all premises are true

2. Valid Argument– if and only if it takes a form that makes it impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion nevertheless to be false

3. Fallacies– a kind of error in reasoning

Momentous- the option presents a unique opportunity, an irreversible decision, or a decision with a highly significant stake

    Mimesis– or imitation, to mimic, copy

4. Metaphysics– concerned with the nature of existence, being and the world

Cogito ergo sum– I think, therefore I am

Epistemology– all knowledge comes from the senses

Method of the Doubt– everything can have doubt

5. Agnostic– the belief that the nature and existence of gods is unknown and inherently unknowable due to the nature of subjective experience

6. Catharsis–  the emotions of pity and fear that occurs when we watch a tragedy

Cartesian Epistemology– study of knowledge

   Dream Argument- more doubt about physicality: even logic survives here

7. A Posteriori- meaning “from what comes after”, referring to that which comes after experience

7. A Priori– meaning “from what is before”, referring to that which comes after experience

    Determinism– all determined from previous charades

    Compatibilism– the Determinism is true, but able to change outcome

Indeterminism– actions are not determined by casual factors


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